The Difference Between Renting A Party Bus Vs. Renting A Limo

The Difference Between Renting A Party Bus Vs. Renting A Limo

Are you and your friends planning a night out on the town? If so, you need to do a lot of preparation work. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to figure out your transportation of choice for your night of partying. Will you travel by car? If so, how many cars will you need to take, and who’s willing to drive? Will you take public transportation? Are you close enough to your destination that you can just walk?

All of those are good options, depending on the scenario and location. However, we think there are even better options that will elevate your night on the town from good to great. If you’re looking to celebrate in style, we recommend renting either a party bus or a limo.

With either of these two options, you can cruise around town in a vehicle large enough to fit your entire party, all while taking advantage of these vehicles’ many comforts and amenities. Best of all, no one has to volunteer to be the driver. Instead, you can all focus on having fun and enjoying yourselves.

But which one is better? If you’re stuck comparing the differences between a limo vs. a party bus, we’re here to help. Today, we want to look at renting a party bus vs. a limo, what makes each of them great and which one is the best choice to rent for your occasion.


We all know what a limo is. From the outside, it looks essentially like a regular car, albeit one that’s stretched out to many times its regular length. The inside usually features a cab for the driver, which is closed off from the main interior of the car. The main interior features long benches that include enough seating for medium-sized groups of people.

Limos are more than just plain seating options, however. While limos from different companies will always be slightly different, most limos also offer a variety of other enticing amenities to make your travel experience more fun, stylish and comfortable. Some limos include a bar, complete with glassware and ice. Other amenities included might be a stereo, lighting controls, comfortable seats and places to stow bags and luggage, as well as climate control.

Limos typically come in different sizes, with each size being able to suit a different number of people. For the purposes of estimation, a typical midsized limo can seat about 10 people. Price, which is also a factor, will vary based on your limo service, location and the size of your rental. Realize, however, most limo rental services charge by the hour. Prices can fluctuate wildly, but a good middle-of-the-road estimate is $130 per hour. The price may be slightly less or slightly more, but it will usually be somewhere in this neighborhood.

The most important thing to know about limos, though, is the atmosphere they evoke and the connotation they have. To many, limos represent the ultimate level of sophistication, style and class. When you roll up to your destination in a limo, it immediately helps you present a level of quality no other vehicle can provide.


Looking for some specific, concrete reasons to rent a limo? Here is a list of some of the most compelling advantages of choosing to rent a limo.

1. Privacy

Limos are famous for having tinted windows, meaning no one from the outside can see what’s happening on the inside. Even better, the passenger seating section of the limo is also separate from the driver’s seat to give you even more of an exclusive feeling. Whether you’re sitting and chatting or having a party, you can do it in privacy, without feeling like the whole world is watching you.

2. First Impressions

Limos can speak volumes without ever uttering a single word. When you arrive in a limo, it creates a stunning first impression and immediately sets you apart as someone classy, sophisticated and extremely cool. If you’re looking to wow from the minute your shoes hit the pavement, a limo is definitely the way to go.

3. Intimacy

Most limos aren’t extremely large. The average mid-sized limo can fit around 10 people, and while this might seem like a lot compared to how many can fit in a typical car, it isn’t enough to make your party feel crowded. The limo’s seating area is typically small enough and seats few enough people that your party will still feel like an intimate and cozy group of your closest friends, rather than a large social gathering of people you barely know.

4. Price

If all these weren’t enough reasons to consider a limo, there’s also the matter of price. When it comes to hiring a vehicle to chauffeur you around town on your night out, a limo is usually the least expensive option. While it’s still pricier than driving your own car, it’s hard to put a price tag on comfort, style and glamour.


Of course, nothing is without its disadvantages. Let’s look at a few of the cons of renting a limo.

1. Limited Space

Unfortunately, limos simply can’t hold the same number of people other, larger vehicles can. If you have a large crowd of people to transport and entertain, a limo might not be the best or even a realistic option.

2. Formal Atmosphere

As entertaining as the inside of a limo can be, it can also be difficult to shake off the formal atmosphere that often pervades these vehicles. We tend to see them as a mainstay of formal, black-tie events, which can sometimes dampen the party atmosphere you might be trying to create.

3. Clashing

Some events call for a more relaxed and casual atmosphere, while still having loads of fun. A limo can sometimes seem to send exactly the opposite message and clash with more casual events.


Not quite sure a limo is what you’re looking for? No problem. If you’re not too excited about the limo, we’d like to invite you to consider the next level in entertainment, transportation and fun — the party bus. It takes all the privacy, amenities and comfort of a limo and upgrades them by offering a larger and more versatile space.

A party bus is essentially a large van or bus filled with amenities that will keep you and your guests partying all night long. In most cases, you might think of it as a nightclub on wheels.

Depending on your specific bus and rental service, a few of the amenities you can expect are comfortable luxury seating options, a fully stocked bar, lighting control options, a fully controllable stereo and large TV, a dance floor, bathrooms and so much more. The party bus isn’t just a way to get from one destination to the next. When you ride in a party bus, you are the destination, and you take it with you wherever you go.

As is the case with limos, party buses also come in a variety of different sizes so there’s a bus to suit every need and occasion. Some buses are designed for as few as 15 passengers, while others can fit up to 40 people at once, as well as numerous in-between options. Whether you’re bringing just a few friends, or you want to invite the whole town, there’s a party bus that will work for you.

Be aware, however, a party bus will usually come with a higher price tag than a limo, just because of the additional space and amenities they usually provide. While the price will vary based on numerous factors, you can expect to pay somewhere around $170 per hour.


As you might expect, there are plenty of amazing reasons to rent a party bus. Here are just a few of them.

1. Price

Yes, we know we just said party buses are usually more expensive than limos. But consider the fact that party buses can easily sit twice as many people as a limo, if not more. The large increase in party members more than offsets the slight increase in price. If you’re splitting the cost of your rental with all your passengers, you’ll easily save money by renting a party bus instead of a limo.

2. Amenities

The amenities in a party bus easily outweigh those you’ll find in a limo, or in any other vehicle, for that matter. If you’re looking to have a party while on the move, there’s no better way to do it than on a party bus.

3. More Space

Do you want to take a large group of people along for the ride? Worried there isn’t a vehicle out there big enough to fit them all? Don’t worry. In a party bus, there’s plenty of room for everyone. Whether your party consists of 20 people or 40 people, there’s a party bus out there that will fit your entire crew.

4. Privacy

As is the case with limos, your party will remain private in the back of a party bus. The windows are typically tinted, and the driver sits alone, so you don’t feel as though you have an extra guest at your party.


With this many great reasons to rent a party bus, there can’t possibly be any negatives, right? Well, there are a few things to remember before you commit to your party bus.

1. Clashing

In the same way a limo might clash with the relaxed party atmosphere of certain events, the exciting and fun mood of a party bus might easily be out of place at a more somber and formal event.

2. Size

Because party buses are so large, it may result in higher cleaning fees for you after the party is over.


Now that we have a basic understanding of what party buses and limos each have to offer, it’s time to go back and answer the original question: Which should you rent? There is no real right answer, as it will depend on what you want and the type of event you’re attending. There are a few different criteria you can use to answer this question.

For example, you might do a simple headcount. If you need to transport more people than can fit in a limo, your choice is simple: Pick the party bus. You could also look closely at your budget, and determine which option is better for your wallet.

Probably the best way to decide which to use, however, is to think about the event you’re attending and the type of atmosphere that’s most appropriate for that event. Let’s look at a few different events, as well as which vehicle would be most appropriate for them.


These events could go either way, as some people are looking for a more formal and sophisticated mood at their wedding, while others want to throw a big party for them and all their friends to celebrate, dance and have fun. Depending on which you’re looking for, you should choose either a limo or a party bus, respectively.


When you’re headed to the most anticipated dance of the season, which method of transportation is better? It may be most helpful to consider the number of people. If you have a large group of friends, a party bus might be your best bet. You can also use the dance floor on the bus to help get everyone in a dancing mood before you even arrive at the real party.


You can’t go wrong with either option for a birthday party. If your party is large and the event is more casual, a party bus is the right way to go. If you don’t have as many people and the event is more formal, go for a limo.


For some parties, a limo is more appropriate, but in almost every other case, we think a party bus is the best way to go for a fun night of partying with your favorite girls or guys. You can get the party started as you travel to your destination, and keep it going no matter where you travel around town.


If you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, a birthday party or just a fun night out celebrating with friends, one sure way to make your party a little more fun is to rent a party bus. Not sure where to rent? That’s where we come in.

Uptown Bus wants to be your go-to party bus and limo service in the Virginia, D.C. and Maryland metro areas. We offer the latest bus models with all the amenities you need to get your party started and keep it going all night long. Make your online reservation today, and leave the rest to us.